Breaking Into Office Management Jobs

Managing an office requires more than knowing your way around a computer and multi-line phone. Communication in any office environment is key, and often the administrative personnel are responsible for this aspect. Like an IT or sales department, administrative departments are also based on a hierarchy of clerks, secretaries, typists, and administrative workers, and someone needs to be in change. Skills for office management jobs focus on leading such a group of people through deadlines and assignments.

Like most managerial positions, office management jobs require leadership abilities and overall assertiveness. But aside from being a well-respected leader, someone in such a position needs to be a master of many administrative duties. This includes having solid organizational skills and typing abilities, advanced knowledge of standard word processing and spreadsheet programs, and excellent communication skills. Administrative workers are often the face of a company – the letter writers, the receptionists, and the appointment setters – and those managing an office need to project the business’s image through all of these aspects.

Getting into office management jobs often means starting at the bottom as a secretary, clerk, or administrative assistant. While having solid computer and communication skills are prerequisites for such jobs, office management positions require more – including education. Office managers are often involved in budget planning for their department, and having at least an associate degree – a bachelor’s is preferred, though – is recommended.

Having the educational background may also help with being promoted quicker in the workplace. But regardless of whether you graduated with an associate degree in business or an MBA, you need to have superior leadership abilities for office management jobs. You may start out as an assistant in the workplace – the one who sends faxes and does all of the ty

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